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Alpha Omicron Pi's

Core Values


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Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on a promise to serve not only one another but the greater community as well. This commitment reflects a philosophy of friendship, concern, and usefulness in the world.


Commitment to

Whether a member chooses to serve as a chapter officer, or represent AOII as a member of other campus or community organizations, there are numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills as a member of AOII.


Commitment to

AOII encourages all members to excel academically and has many programs designed to assist women in achieving their academic goals. Expectations are high but the support provided by scholarship programs, academic development officer resources, and fellow members makes success attainable.


Commitment to
College Loyalty

From collegiate years on through alumnae involvement, the reason AOIIs continue service is the joy of spending time together and sharing the insights learned from the relationships we build and sustain.

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Letter from the President

Dear my Beta Nu sisters,

I want to begin by saying thank you. Thank you for trusting me to take positon as Chapter President of Alpha Omicron Pi – Beta Nu chapter. I cannot begin to express how thankful and honored I am to be here before you. I am here to serve you guys, my sisters. I cannot promise anything for I know that there are a lot of factors that go into making a promise and I fully believe that if I make a promise I stand by it. Therefore, I can promise you that I will do my best at whatever is presented to me and make sure to TRY my hardest. I promise to be a loving sister, friend, and listener.

With that being said, I ask you guys to promise me the same. This position is an intimidating one, but I am ready to take on the challenge set before me. Please know that I am a sister first, and I want all of you to share any opinions, concerns, and ideas with me for I cannot do it alone. I am here for you guys and each and every one of you deserve to be heard. We are what make this chapter. We are the ones who can help each other grow and be strong. We are a representation of the Sheaf of Wheat. We are strong alone, but together we can conquer all.

Being a member of this chapter first and foremost, I know that there are things we all want to fix and grow on. I am very proud of how far we have come. Started with nothing, and together we formed what is now Beta Nu. I have grown close to most of you and the stories you all have shared whether it be one on one, or over social media have inspired me. You are ALL strong and independent women. So unique and beautiful. You deserve the best in life and I hope that AOII has been a positive influence on all of you. You guys have showed me that being different, having a back story, and accepting my insecurities is ok. You all of taught me that at the end of the day I am who I am, and with my sisters by myside, who can tear me down? You help bring me up and I cannot be happier with the decision I made to join such an outstanding sisterhood.

We have been through some tough spots during our first year as a chapter and have had a lot of pressure placed upon us. Yet, here we are. We have all been through something worse than what has been thrown at us and because of that we will not fall. We will not allow hardships to break us. I want to say thank you for sticking with the chapter and being so eager to grow. With the amount of totally unique individuals we can make this chapter flourish into something so divergent from the rest.

The girls sitting beside you, in front of you, and behind you, they are your sisters. “You are not alone, and I am not alone. We are a sisterhood, together, and together we can make it”- Unanimous. Bound together now and forever. My love for you guys will never end.

Your sister,

Ciara O'Malley